Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation (also called breast augmentation mammaplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that uses implants to enlarge and shape the breast. Breast implant surgery performed by plastic surgeons is the most popular way to improve breast shape and size.  Women may choose to under go breast augmentation surgery for various reasons.

These personal reasons may be that she feels her breasts are too small or because of differences in the sizes of the breasts or from changes after pregnancy or breast feeding. Some women may be happy with their breasts but just want them made fuller. Often after weight loss, aging or childbirth a woman's breast volume and shape may change. This too can lead to a woman to seek a breast augmentation. Breast enhancement using breast implants can give a woman more proportional shape and may improve self esteem.

If you are considering breast augmentation please call our office 931-906-9860 for a personal consultation with Dr.  Blalock.

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Breast Lift

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In breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy, the breast  are raised.  Loss of skin elasticity, gravity and other factors such as weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding ultimately affect the shape and firmness of your breasts. Patients who are generally satisfied with the size of their breasts can have a breast lift to raise and firm them, resulting in a more youthful breast contour.

If you have lost breast volume over the years and want to add more fullness, implants inserted in conjunction with a breast lift can increase breast size at the same time as the shape and position of the breasts are enhanced.  There are many variations in breast lift technique.  Dr. Blalock will determine the best technique for you based on the size and shape of your breast.

For more information on breast lift please call our office 931-906-9860.

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Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction also called reduction mammaplasty is a procedure that removes excess breast tissue and skin making your breast more proportional to the rest of your body.  Breast reduction also helps to relieve the physical discomfort often
associated with very large breast such as back, neck, and shoulder pain.

The procedure removes excess breast tissue and skin, making your breast smaller and firmer. The areola may be reduced and repositioned. Individual factors and personal preferences will determine the specific technique selected to reduce the size of your breast. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis at the hospital. Insurance coverage is sometimes available for breast reduction surgery. Many factors determine your eligibility, including the specific terms of your insurance policy and the amount of breast tissue to be removed.

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Breast Reconstruction

Virtually any women who must lose her breast to cancer can have it rebuilt through reconstructive surgery. Mastectomy, the removal of the breast to treat breast cancer, and breast deformities have, left many women feeling insecure about their bodies. Breast reconstruction plastic surgery uses either implants or the patient's own tissue to fashion a new, realistic-looking breast. There are many options available in post-mastectomy reconstruction you and Dr. Blalock will discuss the one that is best for you.

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